We are people of the sea, like you.

We are people who have always put themselves on the line, who got their hands dirty and washed the salt.

We are lovers of the sea and boats, we know in depth the profession that belonged to our fathers. We are the shipyards of Sestri.

Behind a boat and its emotions there are people, it is us.

Ready, hungry for new knowledge, experts like few others.

Although we have our roots in the past, we are not afraid of modernities, on the contrary, we exploit them for better results and satisfied customers.

We are here, in complete safety, between sawdust and welding, between carbon and sheet metal, we are here.

We are the Cantieri Navali di Sestri and we truly take care of your boat.

A message from President

“How many years have passed since in our courtyard were demolished barges and tugs. The Sestri Shipyards is an authentic piece of nautical history of Genova. However to make history we should never think to have arrived and that is what oftentimes we look forward to constantly grow it; starting from our skilled workers, the true heart of the company, to the technology in which are continuously investing to stay current with our modern times assuring all our clients with excellent services, without compromise. Welcome on board”.