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Yacht Refitting: Your Vessel Reborn with Sestri Shipyard

Refitting is much more than simple maintenance; it’s a complete transformation, a true rebirth of the vessel. It’s essential for preserving and enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring the long-term value of the craft.

But what exactly does nautical refitting entail?

Renovation and Enhancement

This process not only improves the vessel’s aesthetic appeal but also increases its market value. A well-maintained and updated vessel is a secure investment that retains its charm and functionality over the years.

Safety and Reliability

Another critical aspect is safety. Vessels require regular checks and interventions to ensure the proper functioning of all onboard systems. The marine environment is known to corrode materials quickly. To counteract the effects of time, electrical and electronic systems, engines, and navigation instruments are meticulously examined, repaired, and, when necessary, replaced and upgraded.

Customization and Innovation

Customization is a key element of refitting services. Every boat owner has unique visions and requirements, and they need to turn these visions into reality. Whether it’s a new interior design, technological upgrades, or structural modifications, refitting offers endless possibilities for personalization.

Environmental Sustainability

In the era of environmental awareness, sustainability has become a cornerstone of certified services at the Sestri Shipyard. The use of eco-friendly materials, eco-sustainable techniques, and efficient energy solutions are now essential to reduce the environmental impact of vessels throughout their production and use, enabling responsible navigation. We have only one ocean, just as we have only one planet.

Within the maritime industry, refitting stands as an indispensable operation. It’s not merely an option; it’s a transformative journey for every boat. A journey that the Sestri Shipyard passionately and dedicatedly undertakes, treating each project as if it were a unique and precious work of art.

With nearly a century of experience in the field, the Sestri Shipyard has become synonymous with excellence in refitting.

An Unparalleled Range of Services

The array of services offered by the Sestri Shipyard is vast and diverse, spanning from interior design to mechanical workshops, from metal and aluminum work to carpentry, from painting to resin work, and encompassing electrical and onboard electronics (the latter in continuous evolution). All with the goal of customizing a vessel that can reflect the owner’s vision and be ready to sail toward new horizons.

Every detail matters, every vessel is revitalized, and then it sets sail, ready to navigate known or uncharted waters with style and safety.


Yacht refit

How to plan your Yacht refit project

Cantieri Sestri, is one of the most prestigious shipyards in Europe, located in north Italy near the city of Geneva, carrying on over 30 years of experience and progress in super yacht refit.

The yard is capable to assist with the most advanced technologies almost any kind of vessel, boats and the most ambitious Yacht Restoration projects.

The company has an extensive and glorious boat refitting portfolio, allowing its modern yard and prepared teams, to ensure a bespoke service in line with briefs, schedules and client budgets.

Sailboat and yacht refit and repair projects are keys services and elements of the Cantieri Sestri’s portfolio.  

Professional planning consultations and expertise to ensure a complete yacht refit management process that meets client’s requirements, quality regulations, preventative maintenance schedule and technical safety standards.


Some of ours common yacht refitting requests

The most common refit requests are mechanical, electrical, structural and boat and yacht interior rift, including high complex refitting projects until a complete boat re-building

Often when a new owner arrives, immediately they want to put their stamp on the vessel – such as a change in the accommodation, updating the interior décor, changing the teak deck.

Other common reasons we found can also be related to the desire to empower the new yacht with new motor engines, new stern, upgrading sewage treatment, new generators and electrical systems, or a whole new mechanical or painting re-style.

For any kind of sailboat refit projects, it required to be prepared and proactive, and based on our large experience as yacht and boat refuters, we want to share few advices to help superyacht owners to improve the efficiency and timing of our refitting service and reduce the time their yacht is out of the sea.


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1.  Plan your boat refit earlier


It’s all about pre-planning, we always suggest to start the idea to refit the each at least 12 months ahead of the desired work start date. The reason is because based on our work load,

Sometime our yard could be booked up for months in advance and also for the fact that no two refits are alike so each one needs the right amount of time and resources.

Another important reason is because, depending on the type of work to do, we might need to hire subcontractors for some specific aspect of the rift project, and they need to be notified and pre-booked in advance.

Same reason in case a rare, complex or large component needs to be ordered, or there is a yard maintenance process to assign.

Contacting the right shipyard several months ahead of the desired starting date is the best advice for your yacht, because all refitting plan can be easily pre-planned ahead.

Obviously just like a house renovation, surprises or new problems, can pop up when yard workers start dismantling mechanical and electrical systems and discover new problems, and this is also why is advised to start considering the refitting at least a half-year heartier for large yacht refit and repair.


2.  Prioritize your refit goals


“We fall in love with the boat and yacht we repair and It’s important for the owner’s representatives to work together with us especially to prioritize the wordlist.”


We ensure to our clients the best timing efficiency through a programmatic approach and once the list of refit goals are prioritized, all the work necessary can be programmed into our work-list assigning all work plan to the crew with specific deadline.


3.  Be proactive before the refit

This is way it’s so important also to be proactive with the yard,  before and during the refit, especially during the part procurement which is another important step during the refitting planning process.


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