A great refitting job for Over the rainbow thanks to one of the Top Italian Shipyards

Cantieri Sestri Shipyard received the commission to refitting the “over the rainbow” yacht and make it ready to sail again. As one of the top Italian shipyards and experts in all aspects of superyacht refitting,  we provided a completed job .

The refitting job was focused mainly on three areas:

  • Protecting the exteriors and the teak surface.
  • Upgrading electronic components.
  • Clean and checkig the engines to ensure they are in good shape.

Protecting the Exteriors and Teak Surface

For the first task, we used a special coating from Awlgrip. This coating was designed to be more resistant and tougher than the regular component. Therefore, it offered the Yacht better protection against the sun and the salty seas.

Upgrading Electronic Components

Next, attention was turned to the on-board equipment This has been kept updated over the years, however, one important thing we did, has been upgrading the communication signal at wider latitude by installing the new multi-panel antenna.

Checking the Engines

The twin 60 year old Gardners 230 hp engine was in great shape. However, we carried out a comprehensive routine check. This was simply to ensure that everything was in good shape.


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Moving the Boat

The next challenge was how to move the boat to its new abode. A major consideration was the risk of damaging its cladding while loading it on the ship.

To avoid this, two brackets were designed and attached to the hull of the boat. This was done while boat was still in the water. With these brackets attached, they held the boat securely as it was lifted with a crane.

Over the Rainbow now enjoys a new lease of life in its new environment. This is thanks to a fantastic refit job done by one of the best Italian shipyards – Cantieri Navali di Sestri