The Sea Home is a shuttle yacht designed by the Swedish Hugo Shuber who saw its launch in 1919. The Shipowner, for the restoration project, entrusted the Architect Matteo Picchio (

We asked the architect Picchio to tell us more about the the restoration project.


First of all, the entire project included an:

– Historical research
– Projection (to evaluate together with the Minister various possibilities and solutions of intervention)
– Renderings
– Executive project with detailed design tables, constructive details and dimensioning
– Specifies the works performed.

“Several shipyards have been inquired and questioned, but the Cantieri Navali di Sestri of Genoa have been selected, which is the most suitable for an important restoration of this kind by virtue of their skills, their experience in the matter and for having signed the budget in line with the host’s expectations.

A certain philological restoration, aimed at restoring the original splendor, keeping the spirit on which the yacht has been conceived and in line with the taste, elegance and the approach taken by the Emperor.


After the restoration project that can be seen here:  it was an elegant yacht, without luxuries and at the same time made safe and easy to handle in order to be used efficiently on family cruises that the shipowner wants to carry out. A boat that does not necessarily have to rely on the contribution of a professional crew and can live the sea in a manner consistent with the mere elegance of a vintage yacht, sailing and authentic life on board.”