Italian Shipyards for Mega Yacht Refitting and Repair

Italian Shipyards for MegaYacht Refitting and Repair

Italy is one of the best places to find the top shipyard for yachting refitting, repair, and building service for a megayacht and vessels.

Depending on who you ask and what you classify as a mega yacht, you will be told that there are between 5000 and over 10, 000 mega yachts in use today. The lower number represents megayachts that are over 35 meters in length while the higher number (10, 000) expands to cover those that have a minimum length of 24 meters.

According to the association of maritime agents, the presence of large pleasure mega yacht in Italy’s marinas will grow by 10% and Genoa, In particularly by 2018 will be the area with the world fleet of megayachts building rate, growing up to 5,186 vessels built.

Whichever the case, the arrow swings in a particular direction when the best shipyard builders, refitters and repairers of large and luxurious yachts are needed, Italian shipyards have proven over the past years that they truly possess the skill, resources, technology, and experience to consistently blaze the trail for the rest of the world to follow when it comes to all issues pertaining to mega yachts.


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Photo: Italian shipyard – Cantieri Navali di Sestri, Genoa, Italy – Large Boats, Yachts and Mega Yacht Refit and Repair


Cantieri Navali di Sestri – one of the best Italian Shipyard specialized in MegaYacht

Based on the last research by Midtelegraph, MegaYacht refitting and Yacht repair are increasingly in the hands of Italian shipyards. Since 2017, the Italian shipyards handle 31% of the entire Mega Yacht building request.

Cantieri Navali di Sestri, Genova Italian Shipyard, is one of the top Italian shipyards where you can have a megayacht built, repair and refit at the highest standards in terms of quality, timing, and technology.

With over 30 years of experience in delivering top quality shipyard services. Cantieri Sestri meets and exceeds all requires and quality


including the:  ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, BS OHSAS 18001: 2007, and the International RINA Certification for quality and compliance which tells you that you can be sure that your yacht will receive the best service and treatment.

One area in which the Cantieri Navali di Sestri shipyard really excels compared all the rest is in the area of woodworks and antique and vintage Yachts, as well as fabrication with aluminum and steel.


Photo: Cantieri Navali di Sestri, Genoa, Italy – SeaHome Yacht 1905 Vintage Yacht full Interior repair.


High Technology, professionality and 30 years of experience in yachting


Cantieri Sestri, is one of the most important shipyards in Europe, with a large yard capability to assist almost any kind of vessel, boats and mega yacht projects

The company has an extensive and glorious boat refitting portfolio, allowing its modern yard and prepared teams, to ensure quality shipyard services in line with briefs, schedules, and client budget.

Large Sailboat and superyacht building projects are keys services and elements of the Cantieri Sestri’s brand.

With over 22.000 mp Plants area, 13.800 MQ at Sea and 8.200 MQ ashore.


High Technology, professionality and 30 years of experience allows Cantieri Sestri to deliver top-notch shipyard service, including planning, refitting, building, repairing, consulting for mega yachts up to 60 meters, with long work project up to 8 months working to complete an entire yacht refitting.

Cantieri Sestri Shipyard takes care of client request adopting the latest shipyard technologies, with their top quality craftsmen and passion for yachting.

We already know that Italian shipyards are some of the best in the world.

However, some of the most common service refit and yacht requests received during the last years are mechanical, electrical, structural, including yacht interior design, high complex refitting projects, and a complete megayacht building  based on all that don’t just go for an Italian shipyard go for Cantieri Navali di Sestri and you can be fully confident that your work is in good hands.



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