come scegliere un cantiere navale: 3 consigli utili

How to choose your shipyard: 3 useful tips.

You just decided to let your boat rest, as it deserves, after a season of slimming and sunshine. 

One of the most important decisions you will make will be to choose which boat to build your yacht. 

Itll be months before we put it back in the sea.  For this reason, it is necessary to know in depth the shipyard selected, not only as a simple place of storage but as a real partner. 

You get attached to the boat for a number of reasons that you also know. Putting it in unknown times is scary.

Here are 3 useful tips to keep in mind if you are looking for the perfect shipyard. 

The Shipyard Organization

There is no better thing to evaluate with your own eyes. The opportunity to visit the construction site can provide you with valuable information. Imagining where your boat will be placed can very well help you in choosing the right partner. Does the shipyard seem organized? Are the buildings clean? Is the equipment in good condition and well-maintained? We know, we have to get our hands dirty to do a great job, but maintaining a structured and clean working environment is a sign of dedication and an indication of the quality of the final product. If when you call for an intervention, they arrive with a dirty van, full of junk never put back, garbage is never thrown, if they struggle to find the right key in the middle of the dump compartment, well… in the shipyard will not be very different.

And then the logistics: where is the construction site? Can I easily reach it?

The Customer Experience 

We dont have a second chance to make a good first impression. Many owners rate a construction site based on the first approach and common sense.

Advice, directions, and advertising can be very useful, but it is the direct experience that you will do in the same, visiting it and relating with the staff that will lead you to the choice. 

As with any high-value business, a solid personal relationship plays a pivotal role in the customer experience. 

The guarantee that will be offered, the respect for the times of intervention and delivery together with the desire to fully meet your expectations, can be key components when it comes to choosing who to rely on. 

Do not choose “on the stomach”, maybe pandering to the sympathy of the responsible.

Quality vs Value 

Although the goal of the yard is excellence, at a certain point the delicate relationship between cost and quality emerges. Can a balance be found between these two components? 

The seriousness of a shipyard is also based on this. It is easy to find absurd price lists only because they refer to boating. For example, if you buy from a hardware store a 40 stainless steel washer you pay 20 cents, if you take it to a boat shop, 1 euro.  With this reckless criterion then some operators fill out estimates and invoices. 

Trust is the basis of the relationship between the customer and the construction site. 

Cantieri Navali di Sestri enjoy the trust of dozens of international customers. 

Come by, have a coffee with us and take a ride among the boats and laboratories!