We have an advanced pier including all specific equipment dedicated to storage, beside cranes, warehouses and all the machinery of the dry dock.  Not least our new Palazzina offices available to our customers.

inside the brand new nautical pole (in a strategic position in the Mediterranean), we have a dockyard boating protected with 150 berths up to 45mt long, arranged on two floating docks and a quay, all equipped with columns with water and light.

Our yard has an area of 13 thousand square meters (Which stands among the largest Shipyard in Liguria), equipped with a trolley elevator driver and an ABI trailer, 40 and 200 tons carts and a 60 tons lorry, unite with a powerful 400-tonne crane, as well as naturally traditional cranes.

furthermore, our new Palazzina offices, center service, with accommodation, gym, meeting rooms and internet connection, outdoor, tables, barbecues and a solarium with deckchairs serviced by employees and crews. In addition, part of the Palazzina is roof covered by solar panels supporting a good part of the site’s energy needs. All this allows us to move every year about 250 boats, from smaller ones to enormous over 40-meters yachts.