Yacht Refitting: Your Vessel Reborn with Sestri Shipyard

Refitting is much more than simple maintenance; it’s a complete transformation, a true rebirth of the vessel. It’s essential for preserving and enhancing both functionality and aesthetics, ensuring the long-term value of the craft.

But what exactly does nautical refitting entail?

Renovation and Enhancement

This process not only improves the vessel’s aesthetic appeal but also increases its market value. A well-maintained and updated vessel is a secure investment that retains its charm and functionality over the years.

Safety and Reliability

Another critical aspect is safety. Vessels require regular checks and interventions to ensure the proper functioning of all onboard systems. The marine environment is known to corrode materials quickly. To counteract the effects of time, electrical and electronic systems, engines, and navigation instruments are meticulously examined, repaired, and, when necessary, replaced and upgraded.

Customization and Innovation

Customization is a key element of refitting services. Every boat owner has unique visions and requirements, and they need to turn these visions into reality. Whether it’s a new interior design, technological upgrades, or structural modifications, refitting offers endless possibilities for personalization.

Environmental Sustainability

In the era of environmental awareness, sustainability has become a cornerstone of certified services at the Sestri Shipyard. The use of eco-friendly materials, eco-sustainable techniques, and efficient energy solutions are now essential to reduce the environmental impact of vessels throughout their production and use, enabling responsible navigation. We have only one ocean, just as we have only one planet.

Within the maritime industry, refitting stands as an indispensable operation. It’s not merely an option; it’s a transformative journey for every boat. A journey that the Sestri Shipyard passionately and dedicatedly undertakes, treating each project as if it were a unique and precious work of art.

With nearly a century of experience in the field, the Sestri Shipyard has become synonymous with excellence in refitting.

An Unparalleled Range of Services

The array of services offered by the Sestri Shipyard is vast and diverse, spanning from interior design to mechanical workshops, from metal and aluminum work to carpentry, from painting to resin work, and encompassing electrical and onboard electronics (the latter in continuous evolution). All with the goal of customizing a vessel that can reflect the owner’s vision and be ready to sail toward new horizons.

Every detail matters, every vessel is revitalized, and then it sets sail, ready to navigate known or uncharted waters with style and safety.



Nautical refitting is a process that requires detailed knowledge of the vessel and intervention techniques. Improvisation is never a good strategy, especially in the nautical field, as it can be extremely dangerous.

Reliability and performance go hand in hand. Below, we will explore in detail what refitting is, when it is necessary, and what the process entails.

So, what is refitting?

Refitting is a process of repairing and renewing the structural parts and systems of a vessel. This process may be necessary to repair damage caused by external events such as bad weather, or to replace and/or renew old or damaged parts due to wear and tear.

What are the phases of the process?

The first, essential, phase is the analysis phase.

It is necessary to competently examine the vessel to identify areas that require repairs or replacements. This includes the inspection of all structural parts, electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical systems on board the vessel.

The analysis phase is the most delicate as some defects are hidden and difficult to detect, especially with regard to materials, such as delamination of composites, rotten wood under the varnish, osmosis, and so on. In this phase, expertise is not enough, specific equipment is also required to measure humidity rates inside the structure of the material. It is not an operation to be improvised. It is the most delicate phase.

Next, the old or diseased parts are disassembled and removed. While chemistry has made great strides, sometimes certain materials really need to be replaced.

After the structural work is completed, the onboard systems are addressed.

Here too, it often happens that one is faced with accessories, tools, wiring, and materials from 50 years ago, which are now irreparable. In the case of historical interest vessels, the same parts will be reconstructed with similar materials, alternatively, they will be replaced with newer instruments and materials.

Once these phases are completed, the next step is testing.

This process is essential to ensure that the vessel is in perfect condition before returning to use.

Nautical refitting is a complex intervention that requires specific knowledge and great experience in the field. To obtain the best results, it is essential to rely on a team of professionals who can guarantee high-quality work and the utmost attention to detail.

The team at Cantieri di Sestri, based in Genoa, specializes in refitting vessels up to 40 meters. We offer a complete and personalized service based on the customer’s needs. Thanks to our experience and expertise in all materials, metals, composites, and wood, we guarantee maximum safety and reliability for your boat.

We want to sleep soundly when we deliver a job, and we are sure that our clients on board will sleep soundly too.

For more information on refitting and our range of services, please contact us directly or come and visit us. You will be our guests for as long as necessary.